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Sex stories mom and son

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Sex stories mom and son

Beta latches his lips around her clit and suckles on her having missed her cumm and pee.

Mommy lets out a soft moan as you suckle on her clit.

Beta slips his fingers into her wetness coating his fingers and pulls it out and teases her tiny tight arsehole with his lil fingers.

Beta: hugs his mommy tightly, mommy hugs her sweet baby back, how are you doing?

Beta: how you been mommy, been so hungry missing suckling on mommy's breast and also her horny pussy.

Mommy opens her robe and lays naked on the couch pulling his sweet lips to her heavy breast, she rubs his head, mmmm go ahead and feed baby, momma has been good.

Beta needs to drink his mommys milk, latches on greedily onto his mom 's nipple, his lips sealing around her areola and his tongue going under her nipple and squeezing it against the palate of his mouth whilst.

Mommy moans softly, one hand stroking along your crouch and the other on your back, feeling your cock harden, mmmm yes baby, feed kneed my breast I missed this so much.

Beta's eyes meet hers in deep affection and love feeding and nursing on her mommy breast suckling on her milk and gulping down mouthfuls.
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