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and vehicles like it do not anesthetize viewers, but rather awaken many Americans to the fact that todays injustices are centuries in the making.

Black Actors Deserve Roles Beyond Those in Slave Dramas.

Nadra Kareem Nittle, m, many films with roles played by blacks feature them in bondage and servitude.

Imagine if most multidimensional roles for whites were in Jane Austen remakes or Julian Fellowes dramas.

Hollywood, Like Us, Is Made Up of Cowards and Saints.

Danielle Belton, The Black Snob, while slavery films can provide an educational service, they are also a cop out for Hollywood which would rather focus on our painful past than try to dissect our also painful present.

These Dramas About Slavery Arent Fixing the Injustices.

Scott Heath, Georgia State University.

Film adaptations and television remakes are only as valuable as our commitment to closing the distance between historical representations and immediate black life.

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