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cases that touched on tariffs set by the Copyright Board governing music downloading, photocopying textbooks, videogames and movie and TV soundtracks.

All cases pitted the societies that collect fees on behalf of creators against the distributors or users of the copyrighted materials.

And for the most part, the rulings benefit the public while potentially leaving songwriters and performers a little poorer.

I think its definitely pro-consumer, said University of Ottawa law professor and Toronto Star columnist Michael Geist.

Its also a pro-business decision as the court has recognized that innovation that is so crucial for the Canadian economy relies on flexibility in copyright.

In one of the biggest cases, school boards across the country faced off against a body that collects royalty fees for publishers.

The court sided with the educators.

Queens University professor Laura Murray pointed out universities and school boards already pay an annual tariff for the right to photocopy parts of textbooks; an extra fee on each individual work copied, which the court rejected, would have sent costs spiraling.

It restores a measure of common sense to Copyright debate, says Murray, who co-authored.

Canadian Copyright: A Citizens Guide.

We still have to buy stuff if were using a lot of it, but if we need little bits, then weve got to get on with our lives, and anybody who has taught knows this.

Copyright is going to cover the commercial market for works, and it still does.

Cynthia Andrew, a policy analyst for the Ontario Public School Boards Association says school boards currently pay the Copyright Board about.16 per student per year.
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