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faces five counts of child endangerment for hiring two women to perform lewd dances for five teens under the age of 17 at a bowling alley on Nov.

Cops are searching for a man caught on video exposing himself and then following two sisters on a busy Queens street.

The women sent the video to PIX11 News showing the driver masturbating while parked near a bus stop.

How advertisers joined the fight against germs 07:15, why the dinosaurs extinction is an ongoing puzzle 07:05, class of 2020 says goodbye 03:53, in the 19th century, going to the doctor could kill you 06:53, scattered by climate change.

How close are we to flying cars?

03:05, watch historic SpaceX first crewed launch 01:46, will future robots AI take over?

04:11, when cities were cesspools of disease 05:33.

A Windsor High School student who allegedly shot a video of a friend having sex with a 14-year-old girl and then posted it on Facebook has been arrested.

Malik McKnight told police he posted the video in March because he was angry with the girl's boyfriend.

McKnight, 16, was arrested on Aug.

He is charged with third-degree illegal possession of child pornography, employing a minor in an obscene performance and risk of injury to a minor.

To surprise her son his eighth birthday, this mom pranked him and tricked him into thinking he was in trouble for ordering something online, but when he opened the package, he saw that it was the gift he'd wanted: an iPod Touch.

Breaking News, milwaukee Bucks Players Boycott Playoff Game.

Over Jacob Blake Shooting 8/26/2020 1:24 PM PT, breaking News.

Jeff Bezos I'm The First 200 Billion Man!

8/26/2020 1:19 PM PT, breaking News, washington's Daniel Snyder On Nude Cheerleader Videos.

8/26/2020 12:57.

Breaking News, kenosha 'Vigilante' Shooter Arrested.

Booked for Homicide 8/26/2020 10:16 AM PT, breaking News.

Charles Barkley Blasts PG13 For Bubble Depression.

8/26/2020 12:36 PM PT, breaking News, rudy Giuliani Rips Doc Rivers You're Misleading Black People About Cops!
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